The Finger…

September 3, 2007

…Goes to these guys for making a tasty, very potent, beer.


I could blame myself for drinking too much of your tasty beverage, but you bastards have made it so easy to find these days, it was truly on a matter of time before you got me.

I’d also give you the finger, but, I’m still a bit queasy.


2 Responses to “The Finger…”

  1. cyradisbc said

    Hey! Save the Finger for Budweiser! (If you don’t want that Delerium Tremens, I’ll take it off your hands… Always willing to help a friend out, y’know…)

  2. Chuckles said

    I’d give the finger to girls who dump me even after I fucking swiped one of these glasses from the bar on the first date for her roommate.

    Last time I steal anything for anyone but me.

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