So, today was Monterrey’s local derby match in the Mexican Soccer League (El Clásico, as we call it). Monterrey (the team that rocks) Vs Tigres (the ones who suck). For all intended purposes, the game that matters most in the city. Other cities claim to have their own Clásicos. Us Monterrey folk laugh at their cute naiveté, for theirs are nowhere near the degree of excitement and bloodlust our local derby generates.

It was an alright match, my team which I assume by now you can all guess who it is made a couple mistakes that cost them two goals. By couple mistakes I mean 1)Signing that idiot goalkeeper Christian Martinez (it’s funny how Christian is a name in Mexico but Cristiano, the spanish word, isn’t) and 2)Not trading him away in the numerous chances they’ve got. That idiot cost us the first two goals. He does this all the goddamn time in important matches.

There’s about 10 minutes to go (plus compensation time) and my team is down 3-1 on a home game, there is sadness in the air. Then things start getting crazy as they score and it gets 3-2. Things get really interesting, they are going all out on offense and those no good Tigres are playing more defensively than Italy for christ’s sake! (Italy is well known for playing overly defensive, infuriatingly so) Then a miracle happens and with 3 minutes or so to go, they score the equalizer! Madness! The crowd is going insane! Then that no good miopic retard Paul Delgadillo (the ref for the match) calls an offside. Bullshit! The play was close but it wasn’t an offside and he didn’t even consult with the linesman. Ridiculous.

Then it gets worse. Compensation time, last play of the match: a Corner kick. Another goal! Madness! Nobody can believe it, they overcame a 3-1 deficit on top of one nulified goal! Wooo! I can’t believe they made it, this is insane!

And then it was that that asshole Paul Delgadillo found himself on my shitlist. He calls a foul on the striker who headed the ball for the equalizer. Unbefuckinglievable! Again, the replay shows absolutely nothing. There was minimal contact, the kind that is unavoidable and is party of every goddamn play from games played by 6 year olds up until the World Cup. That contact is NOT a foul. Never. Ever. You don’t even consider giving the idea half a second in your head when only 3 minutes ago you denied a team a legitimate goal for tying a very crucial match!

Then he blew his whistle to end the game. And my heart filled with that irrational sportsfan hate that reminds me how close we are to our cavepeople ancestors. I don’t care. Fuck that blind asshole. Fuck him right in his glory-denying ass.

No seriously, go to hell.

Kid Finger

Edit- Here, see for yourselves (the crazy stuff starts at around the 6:30 mark).