They found me. I don’t know how but they found me. Run Marty!

May 7, 2008

McCain’s latest foreign policy proposal? Build a Missile Defense system in Czechoslovakia!* It appears he got his hands on a black market flux capacitor! Finally the question can be put to rest: Saddam did have some yellowcake from Niger hidden. It is now powering McCain’s supersweet time-traveling DeLorean!

Now, had Obama or Hillary said so in a non I-am-totally-making-fun-of-John-Abe-Simpson-McCain manner, how many days would you say this would’ve been playing nonstop on the news? Of course, every pundit available for comment would be dooming his/her candidacy since they would have shown how little they can be trusted on foreign policy thus making them a joke as a candidate for royal commander-in-chief.

Of course, neither Obama nor Hillary have the Washington Press Corps over for BBQ and being willing to look the other way every time they let outright lies fly uncontested because for some weird reason they’re all (sadly not so) secretly in love with him. And spare me the “The Press loves Obama!” stuff. Yes, they don’t go vicious about the same things they do with Hillary when they for the most part turn into bloodthisrty savages. But Hillary isn’t called a dangerous islamist terrorist and dangerous black liberation theleogy christian in the same breath either (not to mention the whole “elitist” shit she’s been great in helping propagate).
Seriously, wtf. I am running out of potential screwups from McCain that gets him a beating from the Press that doesn’t involve the savage murder of babies while getting oral from some non-wife person (which as we all know, is the only offense great enough to get The Venerable Impartial and Objective Press outraged).

*Via Matt Yglesias.


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