Dear Thieves: I Have No Money

September 26, 2007

Now that I am healthy, I am extending a giant finger to the fuckers who stole BOTH of my debit cards. I don’t know how you did it, especially considering I reported both cards lost when they were just hiding in my couch, but you did. And for that, you dirty sons of bitches, you get the finger.

Seriously, I have no money. Steal from someone who does.

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The Finger…

September 3, 2007

…Goes to these guys for making a tasty, very potent, beer.


I could blame myself for drinking too much of your tasty beverage, but you bastards have made it so easy to find these days, it was truly on a matter of time before you got me.

I’d also give you the finger, but, I’m still a bit queasy.

She’s Dead. Move On.

August 31, 2007

Princess Diana Memorial Mural – Houston St. NYC 1997

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I am not a fan of royalty, especially the House of Windsor. I simply do not understand what the fan fare over a leggy blonde, who chose to slum with the social pariahs of the 80s. She gave special attention to AIDs patients before they were the cause celeb. Commendable. That does not make her a saint–it makes her progressive. She used her position of power to draw attention to important social issues. For that, she should be remembered kindly–but this outpouring of attention and faux-grief is a bigger waste of time, money and effort than all of my blog posts combined.

She had wealth, power and prestige and she used it to help people. It was her moral obligation to use her power to help the needy. If she did not find causes to support, she’d be a parasite–feeding off the people of the UK while giving them nothing in return. In retrospect she did her goddamn job. She gets a heap of praise for doing what she should do– I call bullshit. She is getting an inordinate amount of attention due to her position as a princesses–a meaningless title denoting an outdated system of governance.

She did good work and her death was a tragic accident. Time to fucking move on. The only people who should still be in mourning are her kids, because they lost their mother. The rest of us should find someone else who needs our support and work with them–not fawn over a Lady Di.

So Diana, I send you, and all your fans, The Finger. Originally, it was from my vacation in Ireland. In the spirit of the every washed up, two-bithack that rededicated a work of art to you, I have since repurposed this ireland picture just for you, and all the pathetic cobags that still mourn you 10 years gone.


Irish Finger


August 16, 2007


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There are many people who deserve this gesture. This blog will detail those fools who we feel have earned this sacred, yet profane, gesture.

I also promise that I will be on the receiving end of this gesture at least once.