is an attack.

No, seriously.

McCain’s latest foreign policy proposal? Build a Missile Defense system in Czechoslovakia!* It appears he got his hands on a black market flux capacitor! Finally the question can be put to rest: Saddam did have some yellowcake from Niger hidden. It is now powering McCain’s supersweet time-traveling DeLorean!

Now, had Obama or Hillary said so in a non I-am-totally-making-fun-of-John-Abe-Simpson-McCain manner, how many days would you say this would’ve been playing nonstop on the news? Of course, every pundit available for comment would be dooming his/her candidacy since they would have shown how little they can be trusted on foreign policy thus making them a joke as a candidate for royal commander-in-chief.

Of course, neither Obama nor Hillary have the Washington Press Corps over for BBQ and being willing to look the other way every time they let outright lies fly uncontested because for some weird reason they’re all (sadly not so) secretly in love with him. And spare me the “The Press loves Obama!” stuff. Yes, they don’t go vicious about the same things they do with Hillary when they for the most part turn into bloodthisrty savages. But Hillary isn’t called a dangerous islamist terrorist and dangerous black liberation theleogy christian in the same breath either (not to mention the whole “elitist” shit she’s been great in helping propagate).
Seriously, wtf. I am running out of potential screwups from McCain that gets him a beating from the Press that doesn’t involve the savage murder of babies while getting oral from some non-wife person (which as we all know, is the only offense great enough to get The Venerable Impartial and Objective Press outraged).

*Via Matt Yglesias.

Bush lied? No way!

April 16, 2008

According to an Interview of GWB with ABC News (via Kevin Drum); Bush admits to not being entirely truthful when back in ’06 he never stopped saying how things were nothing but peachy in Iraq, despite knowing it was a load of crap. Does he not give a shit, knowing that the Press gives even less of a shit?

I will gladly take bets over this pretty damn significant bit of news getting under 10% of the airtime of Obama or Hillary’s latest “gaffe”. Because continuously lying to the American Public so they will keep supporting a horribly planned, unnecessary, costly, thousands-of-lives-taking, America-reputation-killing War is clearly nowhere near as important than what the fuck some politician orders to drink on a diner or how good they are at bowling or whether or not they fail to stand to some bullshit imaginary notion of “realness” that sycophants who make millions a year and desire nothing more than the approval of the political class seem to have.

Apparently, this “person” who was a member of the British National Party (BNP) thinks Rape is like being force-fed chocolate cake. This was said in the context of a case of a woman being raped by her husband. And since a)Woman like sex, and b)Nick Erikson is brain dead, then it follows that rape just has to be a good analogy for unwanted gluttony.

Rightfully, the BNP kicked him out. Which prompted said d-bag to turn into a whiny little bitch. Hey dude (guv’nah? I am not fluent in brit), kicking you out of the party when you were the party’s candidate to the London Assembly is just like being forced to take a holiday and everybody loves holidays! Stop complaining. And if you’re ever in the mood for chocolate cake but don’t want to pay for it, just break some law, get sent to prison and let the good chocolate force feeding times roll!

<A picture of the angry little dutch kid would go here if stupid WordPress hadn’t changed their system into one that doesn’t work. And I’m too lazy to add it by hand.>

Edit- Turns out (hey, I am fairly English-politics illiterate) the BNP is a far-right, whites-only party. Clearly, nobody could have predicted, blah blah blah.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia:

“It seems to me you have to say, as unlikely as that is, it would be absurd to say you couldn’t, I don’t know, stick something under the fingernail, smack him in the face. It would be absurd to say you couldn’t do that.

I suppose it’s the same thing about so-called torture, Is it really so easy to determine that smacking someone in the face to find out where he has hidden the bomb that is about to blow up Los Angeles is prohibited by the Constitution?”

I really hope the creators of 24 get every STD known to man, and then a couple more.

Kid Finger

Edit- Or you can just read Officer Gleason’s post on the same topic from yesterday. Damnit, I’m so behind the news these days.

Sunday Times (London): America has told Britain that it can “kidnap” British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States (via Digby).

This is with the U-fucking-K, indomitable partners in the war for keeping the country terrorized and second contributor to troops in Iraq. Is there any nation right now whose sovereignty the Bush Administration would feel more hesitant to completely disregard? How much contempt for international law do these guys have to fucking openly say “Screw you guys, if you don’t hand over whoever I tell you to, I’ll just go ahead and kidnap him/her. Hell, I’m not even sure I’ll even bother asking”.

The kicker? This wasn’t even brought up because of some scary arab dude whose smack talking to friends was intercepted and interpreted as a cunning, well organized plot to destroy the land of the free once and for all. This was brought up because of tax evasion.

The US government’s view emerged during a hearing involving Stanley Tollman, a former director of Chelsea football club and a friend of Baroness Thatcher, and his wife Beatrice. The Tollmans, who control the Red Carnation hotel group and are resident in London, are wanted in America for bank fraud and tax evasion. They have been fighting extradition through the British courts.

During a hearing last month Lord Justice Moses, one of the Court of Appeal judges, asked Alun Jones QC, representing the US government, about its treatment of Gavin, Tollman’s nephew. Gavin Tollman was the subject of an attempted abduction during a visit to Canada in 2005. Jones replied that it was acceptable under American law to kidnap people if they were wanted for offences in America. “The United States does have a view about procuring people to its own shores which is not shared,” he said.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not naive enough to believe countries never kidnap people abroad for all kinds of reasons. But it’s done secretly, and will be denied ad nauseam until there’s hard evidence to show. And then that nation will be publicly shamed and accused of interventionism and not respecting the rule of law, etc. A fucking established democracy that goes around “spreading freedom” doesn’t state publicly “Oh yeah, it’s our interpretation of the law that we can go in any country we want and do as we please. Now watch this drive!”

I’m too tired of this shit to summon the dutch kid or Grand Master Yoda. Go Cheney your whogivesashitaboutstateoflaw-selves, White House!

Sweet Baby Jesus have mercy

November 27, 2007

Rove: “Congress Pushed Bush to War in Iraq Prematurely”

Not even in Spanish can I find words to adequately express how I’m feeling right now.

Dutck. Kid. Please…

Kid Finger

Who Will Speak Up?

November 21, 2007

I don’t have words to adequately describe how sick this makes me feel. A 19-year-old woman was raped by seven men, and because she was with an “unrelated male” at the time, she’s being whipped and sent to jail. Initially, she was sentenced to 90 lashes, but because she spoke out, it’s been upped to 200.

And our state department has “expressed astonishment” but nothing stronger, and their “astonishment” wasn’t even expressed to Saudi officials. So, wait, it’s okay for politicians to go into a frenzy when Barack Obama doesn’t wear an American flag on his lapel, as though that proves that he hates America, yet this elicits… the equivalent of shaking a finger in admonishment – “Naughty, naughty!”

The only person I can see who’s gone on record so far with anything stronger is leaving her job in 2008. takes out an ad about Gen. David Petraeus, and we get a Congressional resolution to denounce it.

It will be interesting to see if any of our current candidates or leaders have anything to say about this as the day goes on. Somehow, I’m guessing it’ll be pretty much ignored, and will fall off of the news sites in lieu of celebrity scandals and Thanksgiving travel stories.

Aside from writing letters to my representatives, I’m not sure what else I can do, aside from a donation to Amnesty International. Suggestions welcome.

I found the pin thing and the Betray Us kerfluffle idiotic and time-wasting enough as it was. Set beside this – which (dear god, I hope they prove me wrong here) I think will get downplayed because we want Saudi Arabia to co-sponsor a conference aimed at getting Israel and Palestine to have peace talks – those past things are all the more stupid.

This is something to get angry about.

…and with my left hand

November 6, 2007

I am giving the finger to our balls challenged Democratic Senators and Congressmen who can’t fucking forcefully oppose all the shit done and proposed by the more-unpopular-than-Nixon President. Apparently having 50% of the american public “strongly disapprove” and 64% “disapprove”, a record high (on the strongly disapprove at least) in the Gallup Poll, is not enough. Nixon right before being impeached: 48% strongly disapproved.

WHAT THE FUCK NEEDS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU TO GROW SOME BALLS? Who the hell are you afraid of? What imaginary constituency do you think you’re going against? In what universe is opposing a widely condemned madman is a “risky move”? How is this reconcilable with your duty of representing the people that elected you? Keep rolling over, eunuchs. Keep “reaching compromises” that just mean you do what he tells you and he doesn’t get to change his position at all, shitwads.

Since I don’t want to give the angry dutch kid a heart attack, I’m summoning Grand Master Yoda for this one.

Yoda Finger

I cannot believe the balls of Dana Perino, who today while answering questions regarding Pakistan’s PM Pervez Musharaf’s recent meassures had this to say:

Q: Is it ever reasonable to restrict consitutional freedoms in the name of fighting terorism?

A: In our opinion, no.

I may post more about it once my tachycardia stops and my blood gets back to its under-200 degree temperature. On what motherfucking alternative universe do these assholes live in? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Via Think Progress

Show’em how we it’s done, angry little dutch kid!

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