I really don’t know how to react to the fact that it’s already been five years since Tom Friedman, the wise and respectable foreign affairs pundit, explained the righteous and morally correct rationale behind the Iraq Invasion. I still cringe when I see him utter that retarded, apeshit crap:

Thanks for your idiotic, schoolyard bully, paranoid thought, Mr. Friedmann! I hope you have enjoyed your role as a loudmouth cheerleader for a needless, horribly conducted, shameful war.

It remains as sad as it’s always been to realize that particularly at that time, it was “ok” to say this kind of shit. That was the “sensible, adult” response. And while stupid, patronizing, bellicose, imperialistic points of view are still way more acceptable than they should; I think that video is still a window to a time when a country went mad. When it stopped thinking and went trigger happy. It is pretty damn depressing that the mad passed for wise, and logic was branded insanity.

So, how are you celebrating Suck-On-This Day? I, for one, am asking Mr. Friedmann to say hello to my lit’l (dutch) friend.

*Suck-On-This Day main festivities are taking place at Eschaton. As per usual.